Wyndham Diamond Status Matches

Wyndham Diamond Status Matches

September 4, 2023

Over the past year we've gone on free cruises, vacationed in the Bahamas, and recieved multiple free stays at various Vegas casinos for free. And not through credit card points. This journey begins with the Wyndham Rewards Business Earner credit card and results in various, free casino loyalty program status matches. We'll outline all the different steps we took to exploit their perks.

Step 1: Wyndham
The Wyndham Rewards Business Earner Credit Card

The Wyndham Rewards Business Earner Credit Card comes with Wyndham Diamond status as a perk. This card offers a multitude of benefits, including a sign up bonus of 50,000 Wyndham points after $3000 in spend, 8x cash back on Wyndham properties and gas, and an annual bonus of 15,000 points just for having the card open. This card does have a $95 annual fee, but the annual bonus should make up for this.

  • Late Checkout

    Enjoy extended checkout times for a more relaxed departure.

  • Caesars Diamond Status Match

    Wyndham Diamond status holders can take advantage of the partnership between Wyndham and Caesars Rewards, which offers a status match to Caesars Diamond.

  • 1) Apply for the Wyndham Rewards Earner Business Credit Card: Apply
    2) Match Wyndham to Caesars: Match
Step 2: Caesars
Caesars Diamond Status

Caesars Diamond status usually 15,000 tier credits to obtain, or approximately $15,000 in gambling playthrough. We can get it for free via the Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond status match. With Caesars Diamond status, you'll get:

  • Complimentary Stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island

    Caesars Diamond status holders can enjoy a free stay at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Note that resort fees are not waived for this stay.

  • Complimentary Cruises

    Carnival and Holland America offer a match program, which grants Caesars Diamond status holders a free cruise.

  • Rooms and Food

    Diamond status holders have resort fees waived, which can save hundreds of dollars per stay, on top of heavily-discounted or comped (i.e., free) rooms. Diamond status members also receive a $100 dining credit every year.

  • Free Stay at Atlantis With Free Play: Claim
    Match Caesars to Carnival: Match
    Match to Caesars to Holland America: Match
Step 3: Hard Rock
Hard Rock Casino Rock Royalty Status

This next two steps requires you to visit Atlantic City in New Jersey. You can stay at a Caesars property to get a discounted rate with your Caesars Diamond status. First, head to Hard Rock Casino to match Caesars Diamond to Hard Rock's Rock Royalty status. This usually requires you to obtain 15,000 tier points, or $15,000 in casino playthrough, but we get it with a status match at their rewards desk, when signing up for their loyalty program.

  • Elevated Freeplay

    When you status match when signing up for the Hard Rock casino program, you'll get $25 in freeplay, which is slightly more than the normal amount.

Hard Rock Status Match Details: Details
Step 4: Ocean Casino
Ocean Casino Prime Status

Next, head over to Ocean Casino further up the Atlantic City boardwalk and match your newly-acquired Rock Royalty status to Ocean Casino Prime status. This usually requires 20,000 tier points every 6 months, or $40,000 a year to maintain, but we will get it by status matching at their rewards desk when signing up for their loyalty program. You'll enjoy an initial free t-shirt and free visit to their lounge, which has a buffet.

  • 7-Night MSC Cruise

    Ocean Casino Prime status comes with an annual, 7-night MSC cruise to the Bahamas of your choosing. It must be before July, however.

  • Free Nights at Ocean Casino and Wynn

    Get two free nights at Ocean Casino and another two at the Wynn in Las Vegas. Availability may vary by date.

Ocean Casino Status Details: Tiers
MGM and Hyatt
Discontinued Matches

You could previously match Ocean Casino Prime status to MGM Gold, which you could then match to Hyatt Explorist status. Unfortunately, MGM has stopped matching, replacing it with a "challenge". They also discontinued their partnership with Hyatt in favor of Marriott.

MGM Challenge: Details

The Wyndham Rewards Business Earner Credit Card unlocks a series of elite statuses, each with its own unique set of perks and privileges. You can enjoy complimentary stays, room upgrades, priority services, and more on the backs of casino loyalty programs. If you're a frequent traveler or casino enthusiast, this strategy can be a game-changer, elevating your travel experiences and enhancing your stays. Many local casinos will status match to one of these statuses, and while they usually don't come with significant perks, it can still be worth your time if you're in town.