We want to get you paid.

About Us

bankrewards.io is a bank aggregation site that helps you find the best bank bonuses, credit card offers, and brokerage promotions. The site was made and is actively maintained by a small team of friends and finance enthusiasts, with help from the community.

Why We're Doing This

We want to help people take advantage of all the bonuses, rewards, and perks that banks have to offer. Not just checking and savings accounts, but also credit cards and brokerages. We have personally benefitted from these bonuses and want an easy way for people to find more.

What We're Doing

There are countless financial websites out there, but many either have ancient data, are clunky to navigate, or both. It was difficult to navigate the sea of finance blogs. So, we built something simpler and more concise, with the sorting and filtering capabilities that we wanted.

Our Plans

We've manually cleaned and verified all of the data on this site, as we've seen outdated and incorrect data elsewhere. As we grow, we'll continue to add new offers and features while maintaining existing ones. We've added ways for community members to report errors, and we'll be adding more ways for community members to contribute.