Banks offer hundreds of sign-up bonuses. We help you find the best one.
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screenshot of multiple bank bonuses on Google search

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Personal Checking Account

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How To Get

$200 Direct Deposit



Availability: Nationwide


Brokerage Account

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30 Stocks

How To Get

Transfer $500



Availability: Nationwide

Capital One Quicksilver

Personal Credit Card

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How To Get

Spend $500



Perks: Complimentary Uber One membership for 6 months

Cash Back: 1.5% cash back on all purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Open a new account and meet the requirements.

2. Receive the specified bonus into your new account. If you deposited money, you can usually withdraw it, but many times shouldn't close the account right away.

3. Repeat with a new offer.

If a checking or savings account, probably not. Most banks do a soft pull, which does not affect your credit score. If a bank does a hard pull, it may hurt your credit score by a few points for 12-24 months. This will be noted on our website.

Brokerages in particular usually do not even perform credit inquiries. So your credit score will not be affected, with minor exceptions for margin accounts.

Credit card applications will almost always result in a hard pull, which may hurt your credit score by a few points for 12-24 months. This will be noted in our offer details.

Banks offer bonuses to attract new customers, as this is a competitive industry. They hope that you will become a long-term customer with them.

You can navigate to the bonus offers page. We will sort by our recommendations by default, which is a combination of different factors. But, you may also sort by factors like bonus amount and filter by categories like location and offers that don't require a direct deposit.

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